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Compass Clinical Consulting helps hospitals and health systems, and other healthcare organizations improve performance and overcome obstacles to providing safe, quality patient care.

We are clinically focused, driving change toward a goal of creating better American health systems through three services lines: clinical and operations performance improvement, accreditation and regulatory compliance, and interim healthcare leadership.

Working in close collaboration with us, our clients have achieved remarkable results.

Working Together to Achieve Safe, Quality Patient Care

Clinical & Operations Improvement

Improve your bottom line while achieving clinical and operational excellence. Whether focused on a specific clinical department or across the entire organization, we can help you see results and sustain progress toward your goals through streamlined, efficient processes that ensure quality care. Learn More

Accreditation & Clinical Compliance

Whether you’re educating your staff about accreditation or regulatory standards or responding to survey findings, we have the tools and expertise to help. We work with you to build your capabilities and culture of continuous readiness, address specific vulnerabilities, and guide you through an effective survey response. Learn More

Interim Healthcare Leadership

Interim executives, clinical directors, and managers from Compass are ready to hit the ground running to fill key leadership positions and create an immediate clinical and cultural impact while healthcare clients take the time needed to find the best possible permanent candidate to join their team full-time. Learn More

Trending Topics and Questions

Our team of expert clinical consultants stays attuned to healthcare news and updates, from changes in regulatory and accreditation standards to relevant operational, clinical, and financial best practices. Here are some questions we’re hearing from the field.

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What does TJC Sentinel Event Alert 59 on physical and verbal violence mean for my organization?
The Joint Commission has issued Sentinel Event Alert (SEA) 59: Physical and verbal violence against healthcare workers. This alert focuses on serious incidents (such as those we hear about on the news) but is also intended to ensure that everyday instances of workplace violence are not overlooked. The alert was issued to help healthcare organizations “recognize and acknowledge workplace violence directed against healthcare workers from patients and visitors, better prepare staff to handle violence, and more effectively address the aftermath.”  Hospitals need to be prepared, as workplace violence is a complex issue for healthcare organizations to address but an easy one for surveyors to scrutinize. Read more
I am seeing so much in the news about harassment and violence in healthcare. What do I need to know?
We compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about sexual harassment and workplace violence in the healthcare setting that we’re been hearing, along with ideas, insights, and tactics on how to prevent, detect and remediate sexual harassment incidents. Read more
I've been reading about sterilization problems at other hospitals. How do I know if our practices meet the standards?
From our mock surveys at client organizations and our consulting work in sterilization and high-level disinfection, we have seen that hospitals and other healthcare organizations are often unprepared for a rigorous review of their sterilization and HLD practices. And you don’t want to wait until an adverse outcome to find out if your practices are safe. We have helped several of our clients to develop policies, guidelines, and tools to achieve and/or implement a safe and regulatory-compliant hospital sterilization and HLD program. Read more.

We are Committed to Your Success

Our goal is to enable our clients to make self-directed, continuous progress toward their goals, long after the engagement is completed.

We really should be the ones thanking you.

It was a difficult time working through our compliance challenges, and your expertise, your consistency, and your phenomenal consulting team were essential to us throughout our TJC recovery phase.

Our compliance success is largely due to the efforts of you and your team for guiding us and keeping us on track.

Chief Quality Officer

Thank you to Compass and the great team you sent to us for mock survey preparation.

 We completed our unannounced survey this week.  We knew they were coming early, but four months was a little earlier than even we anticipated.

Your team was spot on in their assessment. We were well prepared. We had resolved many of the recommendations from Compass prior to this visit, which helped us enormously.

Our team wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of the expertise you provided. It was the best consultative dollars we’ve spent in a LONG time!

Chief Nursing Officer

Compass matched our urgent need with a qualified interim candidate and had him on site within two weeks.

The leadership and skill-set provided enabled us to meet our immediate goals and positioned us to grow and improve operations well into the future after the engagement was complete.

The value added from this engagement was and continues to be tremendous.

Assistant Vice President of Radiology

Healthcare Insights

The Compass Difference

When you hire Compass to work with you, we bring a small team of consultants in to learn about your organization. We don’t invade your hospital – we become part of it. By keeping our team small, your people will get to know us and trust us and will see us as part of your team. We believe transparency is a critical success factor for any project, so you will always know about project progress and obstacles in real time.

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If you have questions or concerns about achieving clinical and operational improvements toward safe, quality patient care, we can help. We encourage you to contact us for a confidential discussion of your needs at (513) 241.0142, via email, or through the contact form below.