Clinical Consulting experts take pride in diligently sharing objective analysis, news, insights, strategies, and tactics in media publications for healthcare professionals. In 2017, seven Compass Experts contributed 23 articles in media publications such as Trustee Magazine, Becker’s Hospital Review, HcPro, Patient Safety Monitor Journal, Accreditation & Quality Journal, and KCUR 89.3, Kansas City’s public radio station.

Below is a list of the 25 publications Compass Clinical Consulting contributed to in 2017 to help the healthcare industry bsaferrr, more efficient and effective.

1.     Risks Can Be Clinical Too Trustee Mag 

2.     Accreditation, but at what price? – Becker’s Hospital Review

3.      Kansas Considers Recertification Options For Osawatomie State Hospital – Kate – (SIA) KCUR 89.3, Kansas City’s public radio station & NPR syndicated.

4.     Hospitals and health systems: Which is the best accrediting source for your organization?

5.     Accreditation options update: Going bare —The state option as an alternative to accreditation

6.     Understanding the center for improvement in healthcare quality (CIHQ)

7.     Accreditation options: Understanding DNV GL – healthcare’s national integrated accreditation for healthcare organizations program

8.     Accreditation options update: Understanding the Joint Commission (TJC)

9.     Accreditation options update: Understanding the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP)

10.   Accreditation: A hospital CEO’s strategic choice

11.    Evaluating the financial implications and benefits of hiring an interim healthcare leader

12.    Three critical steps to successfully onboard interim healthcare leaders

13.    Interim healthcare leaders: More than a placeholder

14.     Is an interim healthcare leader right for your organization?

15.     Why use interim healthcare leaders?

16.     Patient Handoffs: Where Mistakes are Made

17.     Infusion errors, instrument cleaning lead ECRI list of top tech hazards – Briefings on Accreditation & Quality Journal

18.     Q&A: Who’s running things at your facility?   

19.      Be prepared for summer patient safety hazards – Patient Safety Monitor

20.      High- and low-risk devices are all the same to surveyors; New … – HCPro

21.      CMS Transparency 

22.     Q & A: Accreditation 101

23.      Immediate Jeopardy – Why This Finding Can be Disastrous for Your Facility –

24.     Hospital Near-Death Experience 

25.     SAFER in Practice – Thoughts on TJC’s New Safer Matrix

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