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An 800+ bed hospital in the South was experiencing significant leadership changes, including the transition of an interim Chief Executive Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, and many director- and manager-level interims. The hospital contracted with Compass Clinical Consulting to engage an Interim Regulatory Specialist in the Quality Department to provide leadership amid these transitions, while…(Read More)

One mid-sized medical center contacted Compass Clinical Consulting after operating without an Infection Preventionist for four months. Due to this prolonged vacancy, the medical center was experiencing a lack of organization within its Infection Control department, leading to noted regulatory deficiencies…(Read More)

Operational and leadership issues at one 274-bed inpatient psychiatric hospital in the Southeast had been emerging slowly over several years. Eventually, critical patient incidents culminated in regulatory scrutiny, and the hospital experienced a full survey by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Findings of dysfunctional organizational culture, leadership, and management system inadequacies…(Read More)

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Compass Clinical educational presentations provide strategies and real-world examples of how to advance patient care, improve operational performance, and help your organization keep up with the latest CMS and TJC accreditation and regulatory requirements…(Read More)

In one mid-sized regional medical center in the Southeast, poor executive and Board oversight, declining financial performance, and damaged relations with nursing and medical staff diverted the organization’s attention away from vital compliance issues. Following a complaint survey by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the medical center received a notice…(Read More)