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Top posts for the year cover; TJC Safer Matrix, EMTALA, Hospital Utilization Management Committee, CMS Immediate Jeopardy, CMS Decertification, Behavioral Health in the ED, Interim Healthcare Leaders, Tackling Quality Projects, Behaviorl Health Plan of Care…(Read More)

Generational Diversity in Hospital and Healthcare Systems: What is it and why is it such a timely and important issue in healthcare? Christopher Martorella, MSN, RN, NEA-BC,  of Compass Clinical Consulting, was the featured guest on Health Professional Radio Network, the #1 global online radio station for health professionals. Host Neal Howard and Mr…(Read More)

A good consultant brings project management skills, technical expertise, and time to work on the project. The consultant brings an outsider’s perspective that isn’t blinded by the familiarity of the situation. Like an experienced technician, the consultant knows where to look to find the causes of the problem. Because the project is the…(Read More)

Medical errors are believed to cause as many as 400,000 deaths annually in the United States. Surgeons, of course, contribute to this number, perhaps disproportionately. Surgeons have had, however, for many decades a formal, regular exercise aimed, although it has not been so enunciated, at processing medical errors to (or “intending to”) avoid their…(Read More)