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Compass Clinical Consulting has encountered common problems in each Emergency Department (ED) through expert interim and consultant engagements in a variety of healthcare organizations. Our Emergency Department expert and clinical consultant, Alisa Slimick, MBA, BSN, RN, provides insight into this area from her own experience working in a range of healthcare settings. What “Red Flags…(Read More)

Isaac Abraham, MSN, RN, has worked with us at Compass Clinical Consulting for many years. He’s one of the most truly authentic, compassionate, skilled, gifted and exceptional leaders (and teachers) in healthcare consulting. Isaac specializes in the treatment of Mental Health Patients in the Emergency Department (ED). A tireless advocate for psychiatric patients, Isaac…(Read More)

The ED Psychiatric Patient Management System was developed by experts at Compass Clincial Consulting as a comprehensive approach to consistently deliver best practices in the care of psychiatric patients in the emergency department. This new system provides adaptable tools to ensure the ED staff is well prepared to address psychiatric patient needs and consistently use…(Read More)

You can’t blame the problems in our Emergency Departments on any one part of the system. You can’t say this is the ER’s fault, or the inpatient service department’s fault, or primary care physician’s fault. If we keep pointing fingers and blaming people, we’re not going to change anything…(Read More)