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As a retired academic pediatric surgeon and as a member of the Board of Trustees of my alma mater, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio, I am vicariously reliving the challenges of the last 40 years in American healthcare, and particularly in academic medicine and surgery, as our Board charts a vision and its supportive strategies to…(Read More)

Cary Gutbezahl, CEO of Compass Clinical Consulting, sat down for an in-depth “Profile in Healthcare Leadership” interview with Mr. Dennis Vonderfecht, President and CEO of Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA), the largest healthcare system serving Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Southeast Kentucky and Northwest North Carolina. The topic was, ‘how do you take the board…(Read More)

Boards play a much bigger role than they may know in keeping a hospital’s doors open. From a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ’ perspective, boards are responsible for the care, safety, and rights of patients. This is not a “paper” responsibility but an important oversight obligation, which when ignored, can be cited…(Read More)

This is Part One of a 6-Part Profile in Healthcare Leadership Series These profiles are the result of interviews with transformational leaders in today’s healthcare industry—men and women who have demonstrated courage, ingenuity and the hard work needed to create dramatic, measurable and sustainable improvements in their hospitals. They challenge assumptions, see…(Read More)

Terri Marshall, RN, MS, CCM,  Compass Clinical Consulting  Op-Ed “Hospital Readmission: How to Stop the Pain” was featured in the Hospital Readmissions News “Report From the Field in the August 2013 issue. The article discusses the CMS Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program and covers how to determine hospital penalties and reduce preventable readmissions. From the…(Read More)

Most organizations experience a negative compliance finding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an injury to organizational self-esteem and reputation. When this occurs, nursing is frequently the target of that assault or, at the minimum, heavily involved in the Corrective Action Plan that is the result…(Read More)