Going Beyond CMS & TJC Minimum Safety Standards: The Patient Safety Assessment

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Interim HEalthcare Leaders

By Kate Fenner, PhD, RN The resignation or beneficial turnover of a vice president, department director, or even unit manager usually merits consideration of appointing an interim to fill the vacancy. Determining where an interim is critical, when an interim is critical, why an appointment is imperative, and who should serve as an interim are…(Read More)

One of the key things for the hospital or health system Board to do is to create the motivation within the organization to deeply understand, act and finish an initiative. Finishing is critical if you’re going to make a positive change within the organization. This is an excerpt from the Compass Clinical Profile in…(Read More)


Hospitals should consider service line management (SLM) only if a strategic commitment to develop it is economically and operationally realistic, and that’s only when the target patient population is large enough to sustain the investment…(Read More)

When you took the job of CEO at Cincinnati Children’s, you came with a stated focus of creating an entrepreneurial healthcare organization—one willing to take risks and invest resources to achieve big goals—and that’s been one of the main reasons for its success. You’ve been able to encourage an entrepreneurial…(Read More)

Generational Diversity in Hospitals

Compass Clinical presents a new 4-hour workshop, “Generational Diversity in Health Care.” Presented by Christopher Martorella, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, Chris will describe the various generations working side-by-side in health care and provide insight into what motivates and deflates each group. Historically, we are experiencing a multitude of generations working together; the…(Read More)

A good consultant brings project management skills, technical expertise, and time to work on the project. The consultant brings an outsider’s perspective that isn’t blinded by the familiarity of the situation. Like an experienced technician, the consultant knows where to look to find the causes of the problem. Because the project is the…(Read More)

Cary Gutbezahl, CEO of Compass Clinical Consulting, sat down for an in-depth “Profile in Healthcare Leadership” interview with Mr. Dennis Vonderfecht, President and CEO of Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA), the largest healthcare system serving Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Southeast Kentucky and Northwest North Carolina. The topics was ‘how do you create and communicate…(Read More)

Boards play a much bigger role than they may know in keeping a hospital’s doors open. From a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ’ perspective, boards are responsible for the care, safety, and rights of patients. This is not a “paper” responsibility but an important oversight obligation, which when ignored, can be cited…(Read More)

First, you have to have really strong engagement with the board of directors because ultimately, they are the ones that have to approve that strategic plan. It is their plan, and they have to have the buy-in to it. It requires good communication and a good working relationship with the board. I think that…(Read More)

Everyone has heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. We believe that this is most likely when management fails to understand the situation adequately before embarking on a course of action. As part of the Affordable Care Act, the federal government allocated $5 billion for the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan…(Read More)