Performance Improvement

Compass Clinical Consulting helps hospitals improve operations by redesigning how clinical work is performed. We concentrate on improvements that move patients smoothly through the hospital and ensure that patients get the right care safely. Along the way, our collaboration with hospital leaders makes hospitals less stressful and more satisfying places to work … capable of delivering safer and better care for patients – less expensively.

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Patient Safety Assessment

Are you confident that your organization truly has a culture of safety? Compass Clinical Consulting’s Patient Safety Assessment analyzes your current patient safety practices and processes to determine how effectively they prevent human errors and detect and correct system vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can lead to events of harm and adverse outcomes.

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Surgical Services

Surgical Services are of strategic importance to nearly every hospital. Because this area is a significant profit center and source of physician satisfaction (or dissatisfaction), smooth operating room (OR) operations can mean the difference between a positive and a negative bottom line. Many hospitals, however, do not have smoothly operating ORs that are also efficient. OR problems can have many causes, and solutions have to be designed to fit the situation. Because of this, Compass Clinical Consulting offers a range of services to help define the issues, identify the sources of dysfunction, and develop and implement a plan for correcting the problems.

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Clinical Operations Management System

The Compass Clinical Operations Management System (COMS), is a comprehensive approach to improve operations management for clinical care. The system is designed to optimize care delivery and achieve the highest standards with each and every patient encounter, advancing patient safety and quality on your journey to becoming a highly reliable healthcare organization.

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OR & ED Management

Improve the efficiency of the OR & ED while balancing hospital and physician needs and providing positive patient experiences.

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Sterilization & High-Level Disinfection

More and more patients who have a post-procedure infection are complaining to state departments of health and the Joint Commission about their bad outcome. These organizations are required to initiate an investigation into the complaint. And when they look, the findings are usually a surprise to the hospital. From our mock surveys at client hospitals and our work on sterilization and high-level disinfection (SHLD) at other hospitals, we have knowledge of how unprepared hospitals are for a rigorous review of their SHLD practices.

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Emergency Department Patient Management System

The Emergency Department (ED) Psychiatric Patient Management System developed by Compass Clinical Consulting is a comprehensive approach to consistently deliver best practices in the care of psychiatric patients in the emergency department. This innovative system provides adaptable tools to ensure that the ED staff is well prepared to address psychiatric patient needs and consistently use these tools to achieve patient treatment goals. It ensures a safe environment that protects both patients and staff from harm.

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Cardiology Design

An integrated patient-focused care experience that optimizes performance using service line management techniques.

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 Nursing Departments

Improve the efficiency and consistency of patient care units.

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Executive Leadership

Preparing hospital leaders to manage cultural transformation and team.

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