Immediate Jeopardy

Immediate Response

Compass Clinical Consulting provides the following response to react to an actual or potential regulatory outcome:

  • Medicare Termination. While many will think this is the “end of the line” for most hospitals, Compass Clinical Consulting has successfully helped hospitals return to Medicare certification. When necessary, Compass Clinical Consulting can provide a turnaround team to support the organization while changes are put in place and permanent leadership recruited.
  • Immediate Jeopardy. Resulting from Immediate Threats to Life and Safety, this finding requires immediate response to avoid serious threats to the regulatory or accreditation status of the organization. Compass Clinical Consulting can help your hospital respond immediately to avoid Medicare termination.

CMS Immediate Jeopardy or Termination

The common denominator for each of these situations is immediate action. One day does make a difference. 

In-Depth “Immediate Jeopardy” White Paper

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