CMS and TJC Mock Surveys

Through our Joint Commission (TJC) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mock surveys, we help our client organizations build or strengthen internal resources to maintain a culture of continuous readiness.

At Compass Clinical Consulting, our philosophy is that preparation and continuous readiness for survey are the best tools for avoiding follow-up surveys or response and recovery activities.

Our TJC and CMS mock surveys combine survey methodology and problem-solving techniques to help organizations gain better knowledge of their current state of compliance with accreditation and regulatory standards and prepare for upcoming survey.

CMS and TJC Mock Surveys

The Compass Approach to Mock Surveys

Our approach to assessing compliance with the CMS Conditions of Participation and accreditation organizations’ standards mirrors the actual survey process, using the same assessment techniques and methodologies surveyors use.

Different Types of Mock Surveys to Meet Your Needs

We offer different types of mock surveys to meet your needs. We can survey to your accreditation body or concentrate solely on compliance with the CMS CoPs. Surveys can be customized to the needs of the hospital, including surveys of home health, hospice, durable medical equipment, laboratory, ambulatory surgery centers, and physician practices.

In addition, our consultative approach tries to solve compliance and survey challenges, not just identify vulnerabilities. During a Compass mock survey, our team of experts will provide assistance on how medical and clinical staff should present information to surveyors. Foremost, we will assist your organization in prioritizing survey and compliance activities to provide the greatest impact prior to an expected regulatory or accreditation survey.

The Compass Mock Survey Team

Our survey teams are not just mock surveyors – they are experienced consultants who are chosen by Compass because of their regulatory and accreditation expertise, adept survey skills, deep healthcare experience, and ability to help organizations make self-directed, continuous progress toward their goals long after the engagement is completed.

We share your goal of achieving compliance, so our focus is not just on conducting a survey, but on providing the consultative advice necessary to implement and monitor compliance.

CMS and TJC Mock Survey Reports

At the conclusion of the Compass mock survey, our clients receive a verbal exit report, followed by a comprehensive written report. Our assessment reports are organized to facilitate immediate and decisive action in preparing for your upcoming survey, as well as maintaining ongoing survey and regulatory readiness.

Specifically, we use a heat map (similar to TJC’s SAFER Matrix) to help you prioritize attention immediately on high-risk findings, including those that could be cited as Immediate Threat to Life or cited at the Condition level.

Related Report Services

We work with several health systems to provide system-wide accreditation services. One of the benefits of these system services is the option of receiving an annual system-wide summary report.

This comprehensive report from all mock surveys for all system hospitals is similar to the format of Compass’ CMS and TJC mock survey report, detailing the most frequently cited accreditation standards or clinical regulations over the past year.

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