Anti-Spam Policy

What is Spam?

Spam is “junk email” or unsolicited bulk email, usually sent for commercial purposes.

Compass Clinical Consulting (Compass) considers an electronic message to be spam if:

  • The recipient’s personal identity and context are irrelevant, meaning the message is not tailored to the recipient’s potential needs or interests
  • The recipient can not easily unsubscribe from the email distribution list
  • The transmission and reception of the message appears to the recipient to give a disproportionate benefit to the sender

Opt-In vs. Opt-Out Email

Opt-in email is promotional email that recipients request by signing up to a specific list via a website or special ad banner. In our case, web users typically are invited to sign up for newsletters or other information about a particular service line. By signing up, these users “opt in.”

Opt-out email refers to promotional email that recipients do not specifically request by signing up. When we use opt-out email, we may send only users who have provided us with their email addresses, either through one of the Compass web sites, a conference or tradeshow, or some other form of relevant communication with Compass or one of its employees.

Individuals who have willingly given Compass their contact information via these methods are added to appropriate email lists that benefit that individual. Individuals are, however, always given the choice to unsubscribe from these email lists. Any individual who unsubscribes will be promptly and automatically removed from the list or lists.

Compass may also use opt-out email to reach out to individuals whose information we have otherwise obtained. If we do so, we will give the recipient the option to register on our website and choose to receive materials or electronic newsletters. If recipients do not choose to register, we will refrain from contacting them via email.

How Compass Clinical Consulting Avoids Spamming

We at Compass hope that the recipients of our email communications find them informative and helpful. But, we understand and respect recipients’ wishes for either receiving or not receiving email communications from us. Therefore, Compass is committed to the following:

Valid addresses

Email communications from Compass are sent to specific addresses and meant to be read by the individuals who provided those addresses. Likewise, each email communication is sent from a valid Compass email account that is monitored by a Compass employee. Therefore the sender address can also receive email. In all cases, email communications from Compass will come from a sender relevant to the message.

    1. Valid headers/subjects
      Email communications from Compass will have headers or subjects that are appropriate and reflect the content provided in the communication. The header or subject will not be used inappropriately, deceptively, or give a disproportionate benefit to the sender.
    2. Valid contact information
      Any contact information in the email communication will be real and relate to a relevant employee of Compass.
    3. Valid subscribe/unsubscribe service
      Email communications will always give recipients the option to unsubscribe. Individuals will be given the opportunity to subscribe via the Compass web site, and the process to subscribe and unsubscribe is simple, real, and requires only a few seconds. Information provided as part of the subscription process will be protected in accordance with the Compass Privacy Policy.
    4. Relevant and beneficial information for the recipient
      Compass will always provide honest information about our company, solutions, and services. We will make every reasonable attempt to send only information that we think would be interesting, applicable, or otherwise beneficial to each email recipient.

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