Emergency Department Consulting for Sustainable Improvement

Compass Clinical Consulting’s emergency department consulting services combine clinical expertise and real-world management solutions to improve efficiency and flow in your ED.

Improved throughput and patient satisfaction in the Emergency Department can mean big gains for hospitals.

The Emergency Department is the public face of most hospitals, where patients and their families are introduced to the facility and their first care is administered. But even in the best hospitals and health systems, the Emergency Department can be the site of confusion, inefficiency, and waste.

As the Emergency Department acts as the “front door” for many of the patients who are admitted to the hospital, it is extremely important that the staff in the ED stabilize them and determine their disposition, whether admitted or discharged. Because the Emergency Department is tied to so many other departments, small problems in any one of these departments can lead to high staffing levels, long wait times, and patient dissatisfaction.

Common ED problems preventing hospitals from providing safe, quality care include…

  • Extended length of stay (LOS)
  • Lengthy door-to-doc times
  • High left without being seen (LWBS) percentages
  • Excessive boarding hours
  • Extensive triage waiting time

Additionally, overcrowding presents another prominent issue in today’s EDs, as a majority of hospitals are not meeting guidelines for patient LOS, which results in lengthy boarding times for patients.

Emergency Department Consulting Services | Clinical Expertise and Real-World Management Solutions

At Compass Clinical Consulting, we don’t isolate the Emergency Department, but understand how it integrates into the larger hospital setting. Our experienced consultants possess the clinical expertise and management knowledge to assess your Emergency Department, observe its processes and flow, and immediately begin to identify challenges and implement solutions.

Issues such as lengthy door-to-doc time and boarding times can be improved by changing processes to ensure that patients are seeing a physician faster, and that boarding patients are receiving appropriate, safe care. Our detailed project plans and weekly progress reports keep clients and consultants up-to-date and focused on the project, ensuring that goals are achieved quickly and with buy-in from everyone involved.

Client Successes in the Emergency Department

Compass Clinical Consulting has a solid track record of helping hospitals achieve sustainable improvement in their Emergency Departments:

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