A new year often means change, but what happens when that change is in your organization’s personnel?

Perhaps someone has left the company or you have had to terminate a clinical manager or director, and you are now faced with a vacancy. Hiring to fill that role – the right way – can be a time-consuming process. It can be difficult to fill these vacancies at this busy time of year. However, languishing vacancies hurt staff morale and operational performance.

Is there a short-term solution?

Consider an interim healthcare leader to fill the clinical director or manager role, or even to step into your organization’s C-suite (COO, CNO, etc.).

Interim Healthcare Leaders

Interim healthcare leaders can quickly fill the vacancy at your hospital or health system, bringing with them the skill and know-how to hit the ground running. Exceptional interims can do even more than simply fill a vacancy, such as creating operational efficiencies and improving the quality of patient care.

Even better, an interim healthcare leader hired through a firm comes with significant support to help relieve your organization of the pressure of recruiting and vetting interim candidates.

In our work with hospital and health system clients to place exceptional interim healthcare leaders, we conduct a rigorous and thorough, yet swift process of interviews, reference checks, and credentials verification before providing you with an interim, to ensure that we are providing you with someone with extensive experience to exceed demands of the positions they are placed in, and to help with the arduous paperwork that must be in place to get the interim started – quickly.

Keep Operations Running Smoothly

All of this is intended to ensure that you have the qualified interim executive, clinical director, or manager you need to keep operations running smoothly at your organization, so that you can focus on searching for the right candidate to fill the role permanently.

Vacancies in the new year don’t have to be a cause for despair. Rather, consider an interim healthcare leader as an opportunity to instill confidence into your organization and achieve operational and quality improvements.

We are committed to placing interims that will fit into your organization’s culture, with support provided every step of the way. Contact Hugo Aguas, MPA, Director of Interim Services at (513) 241.0142 or haguas@compass-clinical.com to get started on quickly filling a vacancy in your organization with a qualified interim healthcare leader.

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