Eight Steps to A Successful Medicare Deficiency Follow-Up Survey

Your triennial accreditation survey just ended, and your TJC surveyor has informed you deficiencies were scored under the CMS Conditions of Participation, which will lead to a Condition-level Finding for your organization, meaning that you are a candidate for a Medicare deficiency follow-up survey.

That’s right, they’re coming back unannounced within 45 days to ensure your organization has met the identified Conditions of Participation. Follow these eight steps to get across the compliance finish line quickly for a successful Medicare Deficiency Follow-Up Survey.

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Ken Blackwell, LSCS, CHSP, Joins Compass Clinical Consulting

Compass is pleased to announce that Ken Blackwell, LSCS, CHSP, has joined the firm as a Senior Consultant, with a focus on Life Safety and the Environment of Care. A former Joint Commission surveyor, Ken has surveyed nearly 600 healthcare organizations, including military hospitals and Veterans Health Administration facilities. He brings to Compass nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, with expertise in the accreditation and regulatory standards and a commitment to continuous quality improvement.

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Workplace Violence: Sentinel Event Alert 59

About 75% of workplace assaults occur in the healthcare and social service sector each year, and healthcare workers are four times more likely than others to take time off because of violence-related injuries. The Joint Commission is the latest healthcare heavy-hitter to call for better protections, announcing the creation of Sentinel Event Alert (SEA) 59, which addresses violence—physical and verbal—against healthcare workers.

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Preliminary Denial of Accreditation: How to successfully resolve

You’ve been notified by The Joint Commission that your healthcare organization’s survey resulted in Preliminary Denial of Accreditation. This was not an outcome anybody anticipated, as previous accreditation and CMS surveys were uneventful. What does this mean? How is this determined? And what steps need to be taken for successful and expedient resolution?

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