Sexual Harassment: Taking on the Imbalance of Power in the Healthcare Setting

When you have a perceived and very real imbalance of power in the hospital setting, how can you make sure that this is addressed in your organization that people feel that they do have the right to speak out and that someone will take whatever action is necessary?

How do you build the culture and will to take on the imbalance of power within your organization?

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Sexual Harassment in Healthcare – How to Prevent?

As staff joins an organization they need to have as part of their required orientation, a zero-tolerance policy introduction and education about their rights and responsibilities. Every right usually has an attendant responsibility. The prevention part is making sure that managers and medical staff leaders are all aware and have a similar zero-tolerance policy.

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Helping Healthcare Organizations Prevent, Detect, and Remediate Sexual Harassment Allegations: Compass Clinical Consulting Launches New Service

It’s easy for healthcare leaders to believe that the presence of a sexual harassment policy and dedication of human resources office staff will prevent and mitigate any allegations, but policy isn’t enough. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations need an established, thoughtful procedure for the prevention, detection, and remediation of allegations.

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Understanding and Identifying Immediate Jeopardy Situations

What is Immediate Jeopardy? What are the primary goals of Immediate Jeopardy Guidelines? Who do the Immediate Jeopardy Guidelines apply to? Does Harm have to occur before considering Immediate Jeopardy? What are ‘triggers” for Immediate Jeopardy situations? What are components of an Immediate Jeopardy situation? What are questions to ask to determine if an Immediate Jeopardy situation exists?

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Heads Up on Sexual Harassment in Healthcare Settings

The media has been chock full of news about sexual harassment and related issues creating a hostile work environment. Do not think that this news escapes either CMS (state) or TJC surveyors’ attention. We know from experience that issues in the news influence surveyors’ sensitivity and alertness to related Conditions of Participation and standards enforcement.

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