Outdoor Portrait Of Medical Team

The deployment of a talented, well-supported interim executive or clinical director can positively affect staff morale, recruitment, patient safety, preparation for survey by The Joint Commission or CMS, and transition to the new permanent replacement. The decision to hire an interim hospital leader can and should be evaluated from a financial point of view…(Read More)

What is the TJC Safer Matrix?

What is the Joint Commission Survey Analysis for Evaluating Risk (SAFER) Matix? It’s a new scoring methodology announced in May. The TJC SAFER matrix is intended to better identify and communicate risk levels associated with deficiencies cited during accreditation surveys. The focus is on providing its accredited and certified organizations with an on-site…(Read More)

Hospital emergency department entrance

In healthcare today, it is a reality that staff members who provide care in our health systems will encounter patients who have a psychiatric diagnosis. Hospitals across the nation are being challenged by rising volumes of behavioral health patients being treated in their facilities, and this is exacerbated by the increase in the numbers of…(Read More)

9 critical questions to ask consultants

A good consultant brings project management skills, technical expertise, and time to work on the project. The consultant brings an outsider’s perspective that isn’t blinded by the familiarity of the situation. Like an experienced technician, the consultant knows where to look to find the causes of the problem. Because the project is the…(Read More)

Senior Advisor at Compass Clinical Consulting and healthcare executive with more than thirty years of experience, Lee Ann Liska will acquire a new title in a couple weeks. Lee Ann Liska has been named Executive Vice President for Health Affairs and Chief Executive Officer at Augusta University Medical Center, with a start date of August…(Read More)