How can hospitals and health systems create a culture of continuous readiness for the Joint Commission (TJC) or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) surveys? Because TJC and CMS surveys are unannounced, preparation and ongoing readiness are critical. To keep your hospital continuously prepared, we provide high-leverage services and products to help…(Read More)

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Compass Clinical educational presentations provide strategies and real-world examples of how to advance patient care, improve operational performance, and help your organization keep up with the latest CMS and TJC accreditation and regulatory requirements…(Read More)

What is the TJC Safer Matrix?

What is the Joint Commission Survey Analysis for Evaluating Risk (SAFER) Matix? It’s a new scoring methodology announced in May. The TJC SAFER matrix is intended to better identify and communicate risk levels associated with deficiencies cited during accreditation surveys. The focus is on providing its accredited and certified organizations with an on-site…(Read More)

Interim Healthcare Executive Opportunities

Compass Clinical Consulting is looking for Healthcare leaders to join our team of interim healthcare executives, clinical directors, and managers. Opportunities include; Director of Case Management, Behavioral Health, Radiology and Imaging, Nursing Informatics and Ed or Critical Care…(Read More)

Generationall Diversity

Generational Diversity in Hospital and Healthcare Systems: What is it and why is it such a timely and important issue in healthcare? Christopher Martorella, MSN, RN, NEA-BC,  of Compass Clinical Consulting, was the featured guest on Health Professional Radio Network, the #1 global online radio station for health professionals. Host Neal Howard and Mr…(Read More)

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How Quality Relates to Patient Safety By and large, reasonable people agree that patients should not be harmed by the healthcare they receive. After that, things get a bit murky – and a lot more complicated. At its simplest, patient safety is freedom from healthcare associated, preventable harm. To maintain or improve patient safety, error…(Read More)

Health care costs

Quality of care is defined as “doing the right thing (getting the healthcare services needed), at the right time (when they are need it), in the right way (using the appropriate test or procedure), to achieve the best possible results,” meaning it is not an ethical problem, but it may be a moral one…(Read More)

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