The OR at one 318-bed community hospital in the Mid-Atlantic was experiencing turmoil. Unstable leadership and employee turnover had led to low morale, confusion about responsibilities, and multiple efficiency issues. To stabilize the department and develop internal leadership capabilities, the hospital retained Compass Clinical Consulting to provide an interim Patient Care Director of Surgical Services.


Immediately, the interim Patient Care Director of Surgical Services began to work with managers—in groups and on a one-to-one basis—to improve communication between staff, departmental leaders, and physicians. Roles were clarified, and managers were mentored on leadership techniques. To stabilize staffing and decrease turnover, 19 FTEs were hired, and agency staff was eliminated in the OR, saving $140,000. The block schedule was adjusted and OR utilization time was revised, resulting in a 7% improvement in utilization. In addition, the interim Director worked to increase case volume by collaborating with surgeons to meet their needs and assigning more block time when needed.


As a result of the interim Director’s efforts, the productivity in the OR reached 105%. The availability of OR rooms improved, on-time starts for first cases increased by over 30%, and case volume increased by 25 cases per month. The hospital’s Chief Operating Officer praised the interim Patient Care Director of Surgical Services, saying,

“We were very pleased with the results and service. The Interim leader Compass provided was absolutely wonderful and exceeded our expectations. We will certainly contact Compass again when we have interim leadership needs.”


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