Why Our Approach Works

We relate to your staff as colleagues, not as outsiders trying to impose new ways. We are inclusive and transparent. We have no hidden agenda and believe in open communication with all involved. We don’t believe that cookie-cutter solutions fit hospitals. So we help adapt best practices to the unique aspects of your organization.

We know that departments don’t operate in a vacuum. We look at the entire system to determine how best to implement change. And, finally, we collaborate on implementation plans and schedules to coordinate activities to meet timetables. We consistently measure performance using process and outcomes so you can be sure that you are achieving sustainable success. For more information, contact us.

Compass Clinical Consulting help hospitals improve operations by redesigning how clinical work is performed. We concentrate on improvements that move patients smoothly through the hospital and ensure that patients get the right care safely. Along the way, our collaboration with hospital leaders makes hospitals less stressful and more satisfying places to work … capable of delivering safer and better care for patients – less expensively.