Isaac Abraham, MSN, RN, Senior Compass Clinical Consultant that specializes in the treatment of behavioral health patients in hospital Emergency Departments [EDs or Emergency Rooms – ERs], is interviewed by Dr. Charles Parker host of the Core Brain Journal.

Emergency Department crowding is exacerbated by the increase in the number of patients with mental disorders, substance abuse problems or both, who present with acute problems. Besides the mental health conditions these patients often have other medical problems including diabetes, liver disease, and various infections. ~ Isaac Abraham


Isaac Abraham specializes in the treatment of behavioral health patients in hospital Emergency Departments. His psychiatric emergency edge? Isaac educates hospital ER personnel how to improve mental health challenges during some of their most difficult moments in a psychiatric emergency. His experience in ED/ERs reports for listeners a variety of consistent issues that affect direct patient care and throughput. While the balance of these matters varies in different hospitals and localities, they are relatively consistent problems – and Issac puts hard answers right under the ER lights.

Pervasive Problem

In addition to the psychiatric emergency itself – managing the psychiatric clinical presentation, basic triage, becomes quickly complicated for medical facilities. The pervasive problem: boarding unpredictable and challenging individuals with psychiatric disorders in the midst of serious ED medical emergencies.

Psychiatric Patient Emergencies Impact The Community

While the balance of these issues varies in different hospitals and localities, they are fairly consistent issues with a potential for strong negative impact on care for all patients, including less access and longer wait times. Both the hospital and community feel the consequences of inadequate planning and care.

The Challenge: Balanced Disposition and a Workable Plan for the Entire Team.

Listen to the Interview: “Emergency Department Psychiatric Care Insights.

  • Isaac’s credentials and how he started [1:12]
  • Why his interest in ER management of psychiatric emergencies [3:39]
  • The standard of care goes beyond insurance reimbursement [7:30]
  • Taking care of the whole patient beyond boarding in the ER [17:30]
  • These issues go beyond the hospital to the community itself [21:24]
  • Death in restraints will create problems [23:50]
  • The steps to correct these issues [28:40]
  • Too often staff simply doesn’t listen [30:40]

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