Kate Fenner, RN, PhD, Managing Director, Compass, will present at the Precision Medicine Institute’s “Clinical and Financial Breakthroughs with Genetic and Precision Medicine: What Hospital CEOs Need to Know,” an intensive one-day summit for CEOs and administrators of health systems and hospitals.

The summit will take place on February 21, 2018, at the Convene Cira Centre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and offers attendees the opportunity to network with precision medicine industry leaders, learn from the successes of the “first-movers,” and gather high-level business strategies, clinical initiatives, and operational requirements necessary to implement and sustain a clinically-effective and financially-sustainable precision medicine service.

At the summit, Kate will facilitate a panel discussion, “How Hospitals Can Capitalize on Early Successes in Precision Medicine and Genetic Testing.”

Panel overview: What is the current state of precision medicine and where does it go next? That’s the topic to be addressed by this panel that includes a major hospital CEO, the venture development leader of a big urban health system, and the chief medical officer of a major national lab company. Each is involved in precision medicine in their respective institutions. You have direct access to these experts, who will discuss and debate your questions, help you make useful connections from all the presentations during the day, and give you advice and insight on how to successfully deliver precision medicine within your own organization and to the benefit of your patients.

Members of the panel include…

Chairing this year’s conference is James Crawford, MD, PhD, Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Northwell Health on Long Island. The conference keynote speaker is David T. Feinberg, MD, CEO of Geisinger Health in Danville, PA. Geisinger is internationally recognized for its pioneering efforts to bring precision medicine into daily clinical care. The full agenda is now available on the Precision Medicine website.

About Kate Fenner, RN, PhD

Kate Fenner, RN, PhD understands hospital leadership. First as a nurse and later as an education leader and consultant, Fenner has immersed herself in the regulatory and operational issues that face today’s healthcare organizations. As Managing Director of Compass Clinical Consulting, she applies proven leadership and development strategies to hospital settings, providing Compass clients with creative, effective solutions to their most pressing organizational concerns.

Armed with years of experience working closely with hospital C-suites and boards on emergent issues in healthcare to help them cope with and prepare their organizations for change, Fenner has the rare ability to problem-solve and communicate at all levels of an organization—from staff members to board members. She uses this talent to help clients meet their clinical and cultural goals, particularly focusing on organizational optimization, performance improvement, and regulatory compliance.

About the Precision Medicine for Hospital CEOs Summit

Precision Medicine for Hospital CEOs is an educational one-day summit for hospital and health system C-Suite administrators to introduce successful implementations in the major areas of precision medicine: oncology, pharmacogenomics, infectious disease and population analytics based on big data. The goal of this intensive one-day workshop is to provide hospital CEOs with the insights needed to initiate effective precision medicine programs in their own institutions. Along with the presentations, the format will encourage interactive networking among all in attendance. Learn more and see the full agenda on the conference website.

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