In our educational series Profiles in Healthcare Leadership, we share unique approaches for running successful hospitals. This Profile features Dennis Vonderfecht, retired President and CEO of Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA), the largest healthcare system serving Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Southeast Kentucky and Northwest North Carolina.

Mr. Vonderfecht’s leadership was instrumental in developing the mission, vision and values for MSHA, along with the system’s 10 principles of patient-centered care. These ideals, coupled with a rigorous strategic planning process, have allowed the healthcare system to grow rapidly over the past 15 years while maintaining a culture centered on the patient’s needs. Today, MSHA operates a family of 13 hospitals, along with retail pharmacies, home health and hospice services, and the region’s only provider-owned health insurance company. MSHA’s 13,500 team members, associated physicians and volunteers are committed to the system’s mission of bringing loving care to healthcare.

Building Tomorrow’s Healthcare System: Persistence Pays Off

In this leadership profile, “Building Tomorrow’s Healthcare System: Persistence Pays Off” Mr. Vonderfecht discusses…

  • How to build a patient-centered culture;
  • The four core values that will always matter in healthcare delivery;
  • The ramifications of transitioning from pay-for-service to population management;
  • Communicating the organization’s culture; and,
  • How when building support for your vision, persistence pays off—in big ways.

“When you or your organization might become dejected, give up, or go some other direction that is not part of your vision of where you want to go – being persistent can get you through. Sometimes it takes more than a year or two, but persistence pays off.” – Dennis Vonderfecht, President and CEO, Mountain States Health Alliance.

About Profiles in Healthcare Leadership

Compass Clinical Consulting’s Profiles in Healthcare Leadership are the result of interviews with transformational leaders in today’s healthcare industry— men and women who have demonstrated courage, ingenuity and the hard work needed to create dramatic, measurable and sustainable improvements in their hospitals. They challenge assumptions, see things differently and enable remarkable breakthroughs. These leaders freely convey insights that we all can use to improve the way we deliver healthcare, and in the process, give us new ideas on how to make better American hospitals.

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