Building the Will to Quality Care

In this Profile in Healthcare Leadership, Maureen Bisognano, former CEO, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, shares practical and aspirational concepts about Board leadership and engagement to help drive a healthcare organization’s progress to dramatically improve quality care and outcomes.  Ms. Bisognano reveals unique ways healthcare leaders can radically improve, even revolutionize the current healthcare delivery system by…

  • Getting the Board on board – great things happen when the Board gets intimately involved in the quality care of patients
  • Discovering the patient journey – the complexity, processes, problems and opportunities
  • Having the courage to talk about the human impact of mistakes and complications
  • Understanding how values-based decision-making is the foundation of quality
  • Will, new ideas and exquisite execution – the three things absolutely necessary to improve quality of healthcare.

“Changing and improving healthcare all starts with will—the will to seek out and act on new ideas; the will to be values-based decision-makers; the will to close the knowledge gap between the front office and the front line; the will for exquisite, flawless execution; the will to discover the patient’s journey.  The will to quality care.” – Maureen Bisognano, CEO, The Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

About Profiles in Healthcare Leadership

Compass Clinical Consulting’s Profiles in Healthcare Leadership are the result of interviews with transformational leaders in today’s healthcare industry— men and women who have demonstrated courage, ingenuity and the hard work needed to create dramatic, measurable and sustainable improvements in their hospitals. They challenge assumptions, see things differently and enable remarkable breakthroughs. These leaders freely convey insights that we all can use to improve the way we deliver healthcare, and in the process, give us new ideas on how to make better American hospitals.

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