Operational problems led to multiple leadership vacancies in one metropolitan, Mid-Atlantic hospital. The hospital’s 11-room operating suite housed a wide range of surgical services, including general surgery, gynecology, orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, vascular surgery, urology, bariatric surgery, endoscopy and robotic surgery.


Compass Clinical Consulting deployed an interim OR Director to fill the hospital’s vacancy. Upon initial assessment, the interim OR Director identified three opportunities for improvement – low block utilization, frequent case delays, and low patient satisfaction scores – as top priorities. In addition, the assessment uncovered non-compliance with certain regulatory requirements related to clinical practice. Over the course of six months, the interim OR Director made several operational changes and rebuilt a new OR management team.


Operational and management changes resulted in dramatic improvements over this six-month period. Despite a slight increase in surgical volume, there was a 30% increase (absolute, not relative) in on-time starts with a 20% increase in block utilization. Room turnover time decreased to 21 minutes, and patient satisfaction scores rose from 47% to 76%. In addition, corrective action relative to regulatory compliance resulted in improved compliance with the standards of The Joint Commission, as noted during mock surveys.

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