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ED & ER Mock Surveys

Neal Howard:  Dr. Gutbezahl, You have also served as a mock surveyor in preparing hospitals for regulatory surveys. Have you ever done anything similar to prepare ED or ER staff to recognize some of the issues and deal with some of the issues that we’ve been discussing here in this segment?

Cary Gutbezahl: Yes. We have done a fair amount of work in that area. Interestingly, most of the Compass Clinical Consutling work has been generated when emergency rooms get cited by Medicare and Medicaid services, or CMS for having a bad treatment episode for a patient. Sometimes, new stories wind up. Sometimes patients complain about the care that they received and that generates a survey that finds a problem. So most often, we get engaged when somebody has been, if you will, cited or slapped for having not delivered what Medicare considers to be the standards of care. But I will tell you that having done a number of mock surveys, that the hospitals that aren’t cited very often have exactly the same issues that the hospitals that are cited.

So not every hospital that’s got problems has already been identified by CMS as having a problem.

Neal Howard:  Okay. So just to be clear, we’re talking about a patients who are admitted to the ER in general – not specifically mental healthcare patients?

Cited by CMS for Mental Health Patient Care

Cary Gutbezahl: I was actually referring to the mental health patients.

Neal Howard:  Okay. So I’m wrong. It’s the other way around. Actually, they have been cited for improper care in dealing with a mental healthcare patient in the ER.

Cary Gutbezahl:: That’s correct.

N: Okay. And are these mock surveys and practice runs specifically designed to get them ready for regulatory issues relating to the mental healthcare treatment or treatment of their patients in general?

Cary Gutbezahl: The mock surveys are targeted to care in general. When we go to the emergency department, we look for special populations that might go to the emergency department that might require additional, if you will, expertise in caring for them. So for example, if you go to an adult care hospital but doesn’t treat children, we look at how they take care of children. We look at how they take care of behavioral health patients. If they get prisoners, we look at how they care for prisoners in the emergency department – for example.

Neal Howard:  What is the website of Compass Clinical?

Cary Gutbezahl: Our website is www.compass-clinical.com just as in our company’s name Compass Clinical Consulting.

Neal Howard: :  It’s been a pleasure talking with Dr. Cary Gutbezahl President and CEO of Compass Clinical Consulting. Dr. Gutbezahl has a varied background in hospital management and healthcare staffing, active in preparing ERs for regulatory surveys that they could undergo after having been cited for a little bit less than what we’d all expect them to deliver. It’s been great talking with you today Doctor.


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