How can you be confident that your healthcare organization truly has a culture of safety?

A Patient Safety Assessment

A Patient Safety Assessment is a review and analysis of your current patient safety practices and processes to determine how effectively they prevent human errors and detect and correct system vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can lead to events of harm and adverse outcomes.

How is a Patient Safety Assessment Performed?

A Patient Safety Assessment includes…

  • Assessment of your current clinical practices against evidence-based practices related to avoiding preventable harm to patients and staff.
  • Analysis of reports, concerns regarding accreditation and regulatory compliance, and safety-related documents for patterns and trends in adhering to nationally recognized standards of care and practice.
  • Interviews and observations of colleagues, leaders, and medical staff providers in their day-to-day operational activities to understand your culture, enabling us to work with you to develop a sustainable plan of correction that addresses human behaviors and process improvements.

Sustainable Patient Safety Plan

The focus is not on just assessing patient safety, but on creating and implementing a sustainable plan to address any safety concerns identified.

Sentinel Events, Near Misses?

Has your organization experienced adverse events, sentinel events, or near misses? Don’t wait for the next adverse or sentinel event to occur in your organization. Equip your organization to make safety your top concern. Undergo a Patient Safety Assessment.

If you want more information,  or are interested in a Patient Safety Assessment at your organization, contact us today, at (513) 241.0142 or to learn more about how a Patient Safety Assessment can help you take ownership of your safety strategies and practices and achieve a culture of safety.


Compass Clinical Consulting helps hospitals and health systems improve performance and overcome obstacles to providing safe, quality patient care. Our consultants are chosen because of their extensive specialization in environmental and patient safety, clinical and executive operational knowledge, and their advanced consultative abilities in corrective action and strategic planning. We are experienced in assessing for compliance with federal, state, and local regulations; reviewing policies, procedures, and clinical tools; and providing education focused on safety issues across healthcare settings. We also have extensive experience with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Conditions of Participation and Joint Commission Standards, which represent a minimum standard of care and quality, as well as industry best practices.

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